Vodafone Mobile Wallet, the App for Secure Mobile Payments, now Recognizes Users Through their Eyes*

Dated: 4th June 2015 | Last Update: 4th June 2015

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Aiming to lead the digital future of Turkey, Vodafone has upgraded its mobile payment app, Vodafone Mobile Wallet, to incorporate new features. They've added eye verification feature "EyeVerify" which means you can log in to the app securely using eye contact, without the need for a password. Additionally, as a result of cooperating with Turkiye Finans Katilim Bankasi, you can pay bills to over 100 organizations with the app, using only your number. Vodafone, who has focused on making Mobile Wallet safer and easier for users with the new features, has become the first operator to offer eye verification technology in Turkey.

Vodafone has continuously maintained technological investment in Turkey, with the aim of ensuring its end to end digital development, and the addition of EyeVerify to Mobile Wallet facilitates payments without credit cards or cash to the institutions it cooperates with. Security measures for mobile payments have been taken to a new level with EyeVerify technology, which has been developed as a result of the cooperation between OKSİJEN, global innovators Vodafone, and EyeVerify, the creators of the Eyeprint ID™ technology which converts an ordinary photo taken with a smart phone into a key that protects the digital life of the users. In this way, Vodafone Mobile Wallet users on devices with iOS 6.0 or higher, have the ability to log in to the app with EyeVerify without using a password, for safer and easier access.

User-Specific Identity Verification Technology

EyeVerify technology, which is patented and highly-scalable biometric technology brought to Turkey for the first time by Vodafone, stores the Eyeprint ID™ which is created using the eye’s vein prints in a highly-secure and encrypted manner and works with an accuracy level of 99.9%. EyeVerify, available to Mobile Wallet users, provides security equivalent to a 50-character complex password. Moreover, since it is completely user-specific, it doesn’t require regular password changes and eliminates problems such as forgotten passwords or loss of time entering passwords. It offers a practical, secure, and private mobile identity verification experience without requiring additional hardware or passwords, in less than 1 second.

Pay Bills to Over 100 Companies

In collaboration with Turkiye Finans Katilim Bankasi, the leader in participation banking, Vodafone makes paying bills for Mobile Wallet users extremely convenient. Mobile Wallet users can pay bills to over 100 companies via the app, using only their number. Furthermore, they can track their previous bills and save payments. Plus, thanks to the “reminder” feature that aims at eliminating fines due to late payments, users are notified immediately when their saved bills are issued and they receive regular reminders until the due dates. Users are able to make the payment whenever they want after receiving the bill.

Ender Buruk: "We are making the mobile payment experience safer and easier"

In his statement below, Ender Buruk, Vice President of the Executive Board of Vodafone Turkey, explains that as more and more companies accept mobile payments, consumers demand a free and secure shopping environment where they can do everything with their mobile devices.

"We at Vodafone believe that one of the most important stages of the digital transformation, which we aim to be the leader of in our country, is to become a community where the means of mobile payment is widespread. Within this framework, we are investing in mobile payment infrastructures to facilitate the lives of our consumers. Since the launch of Vodafone Mobile Wallet in November 2013, we have been giving our consumers the ability to make payments at over 90,000 outlets, as well as more than 20,000 restaurants and coffee shops that have agreements with Multinet. While we continuously expand the areas of use of our application, we also take measures to make mobile payment experiences safer and easier for users. In this context, thanks to the EyeVerify technology built into Mobile Wallet, we allow our users to log in to the application with eye contact only, without using a password. We also facilitate the payment of bills to over 100 companies via the app, needing only the number to do so.

We will continue facilitating the lives of our users by developing the Vodafone Mobile Wallet, which we believe has brought a breath of fresh air to mobile payments, with the latest technologies and innovative features."

Semih Alşar: "We will mediate to increase collection efficiency of companies"

Semih Alşar, Vice General Manager in charge of Private Banking at Turkiye Finans Katilim Bankasi, says the bill payments to companies can be made anytime and anywhere thanks to this cooperation and adds, “Massive ease in payments will be offered to more than 100 bill-issuing institutions across Turkey thanks to the Vodafone Mobile Wallet. We at Turkiye Finans Katilim Bankasi, have given Vodafone Mobile Wallet users the opportunity to make their payments comfortably and quickly, by adding the Vodafone Mobile Wallet platform to our innovative bill collection solutions and the various ways of collecting payment. In this way, we will mediate to increase collection efficiency through more efficient channels for companies issuing bills”.

*This is a translation of a press release from Vodafone, published in Turkish on their Media Center