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What is it?

There's nothing like Eyeprint ID.

Our cutting-edge software maps the unique veins in your eyes and other micro features in and around the eye and creates a digital key equal to a 50-character complex password. It’s more than 99.99% accurate – making pins and passwords a thing of the past.

There's nothing like Eyeprint ID


Our SDK can be easily integrated into your mobile app for password replacement, step up authentication, out of band authentication, payment authentication, etc… 

Eyeprint ID is strictly software. It works on all types of mobile devices – regardless of manufacturer or operating system – making it easy to integrate, quick to market and lower in cost than hardware-based solutions.

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With only software, there is no extra cost for sensors or special devices. Scaling to a larger user base is easy and cost efficient since Eyeprint ID works on most smart devices.


It's Secure

Biometric data is fully encrypted on and secured to the device - it cannot be used anywhere else. 

It's Convenient

It's Convenient

One look logs you into your mobile applications while on the go. No more passwords to remember or manage.

It's Private

It's Private

Eyeprint ID works in less than a second and is discreet. There is no need to speak out loud or draw attention to yourself to authenticate.

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