Eyeprint ID is trusted by more banks than any other software only biometric

What is it?

Eyeprint ID is a fully patented  eye-based biometric software solution that financial services companies add to their mobile apps for convenient, private and secure biometric authentication.

How does it work?

Eyeprint ID uses regular front-facing smartphone cameras to create an cryptographic key used to authenticate users based on the micro features in and around their eyes, the most important of which are the blood vessels visible in the whites of the eyes.

What's so great about it?

In less than a second, your customers will experience password-free mobility and convenient, secure, private authentication.

  • Takes less than a second
  • Works with contacts, make-up, eyeglasses, allergies, bright light, low light, etc...
  • Uses existing Android and iOS smart device cameras
  • Eliminates password pain

Our SDK makes it simple to implement biometric authentication for your customers, and we support you throughout the integration process.

  • Software-only and highly scalable
  • A software development kit that's easy to integrate into your application
  • Customizable to accommodate your branding and user interface preferences
  • FIDO-certified for plug and play access

Biometric data is highly personal and can't be changed. Your customers deserve a solution that keeps it, and their banking experience, private.

  • Fully encrypts user's biometric data and secures it to the device – it cannot be used anywhere else.
  • Securely stores user token with the patented REZA Key
  • Enables a discreet authentication experience

Your customers trust you to keep their money secure. With that trust in mind, we have built Eyeprint ID to meet payment grade requirements.

  • Is secure enough for mobile payments (1/50k FAR), per three independent studies
  • Looks at motion and other features of an image or video to prevent spoofing
  • Generates a high entropy key at the time of verification

Looking for more detail about our technology? Check out our technology page.